Building a Flutter app in public, from zero to stores: Pammy

Yesterday I was thinking, “I don’t finish a damn side project”, maybe is a lack of consistency, lack of motivation at some point, whatever.

So I opened IndieHackers and decided to go to the BuildInPublic group, apparently the main channel to do this is Twitter.

Today I decided to start it, I started a few days ago the development of a Flutter app called Pammy, is a food planner for people who don’t have time for cooking (no it won’t cook for you), but it will optimize your cooking sessions so you can cook in less time, this involves:

  • Talking with chefs about how the hell they manage to organize themselves in the kitchen
  • Learn from nutritionists about balanced meals. I worked in a nutrition startup a few months ago and I still have contact with their nutritionists, and they offered to help me and provide some recipes (unluckily the startup went nuts).

The plan is simple, create a Twitter thread and see if it motivates me to finish and ship this, I will post updates 3 times a week or so.