Hello World

Welcome!, glad you are here.

This is my blog, my personal space where i write about programming stuff, code experiments, patterns, technologies…

No matter if you are starting in the software development field, or you are already a master, i like to write about problems i face every day, and problems i faced when i started my career.

Programming is not easy

I know programming is a hard thing, the more deep you go, the more you learn about it, the harder it gets.

There’s a lot of concepts, technologies, libraries, patterns…, but you don’t need to be perfect, there’s nothing such good and bad code, there’s only different ways to solve a problem, some of them are messy, some of them are less efficient than others, but there’s nothing such bad code.

I still face this every day, so just chill, remember you are not doing anything wrong, you are just communicating in a different way with a machine.

Welcome, and enjoy.