Trying 6 not so popular javascript frameworks in 30 days

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Me thinking I’m funny

The programming industry is conservative, which means, if a framework gets popular, the industry will stick to it for a time, especially in the front end matter.

The holy trinity of the javascript frameworks is since some time ago React, Angular, Vue, Express, and Mongoose for the backend. But people tend to think they are “silver bullet” stuff. So today in “things that I probably shouldn’t do because I have work to do”:

Documenting 6 not so popular javascript frameworks in 30 days

So here is the plan, I will make a public repository containing 6 different javascript frameworks and I will document when and when not to use them, their advantages, tradeoffs, etc.

Here is the list of frameworks that I will try:

Note: A framework and a library are different things, but I will use both of them in the list, and they are not tied to front or backend, they are just related to web development

The list

This post will act as an index, I will update it every time I try a new framework and all the code is available on GitHub